Linda Asato

Executive Director

Kelly Graesch

Director of Membership Services

Menaka Mahajan

Director of Public Policy

Cindy Swanson Mall

Senior Program Director (emeritus)

Domenica Marquez

Director of Provider Services

Massimo Prati

Chief Operations Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Garcia

Senior Director of Programs

Valerie Alfaro

TrustLine Program Assistant

Sarah Conway

Executive Assistant

Brea Dugger

TrustLine Program Assistant

Rita Edmunds

Administrative Systems, Training & Events Manager

Patty Franco

Trauma-Informed Care Wellness Coordinator

Terah Hagy

Communications Coordinator

Gretchen Howard

Digital Project Manager

Tunisia Jackson

Project Coordinator for Lead Testing

Disa Lindgren

Technical Assistance & Support Coordinator, Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP)

Soyla Madrigal

FFN Training Coordinator, Health & Safety Training Coordinator

Rainbow Markell

Trauma Informed Care Training and Coaching Coordinator

Rebecca Muñoz

Program Assistant, Provider Services

Nova Nevraumont

TrustLine Program Associate

Nick O'Dowd

TrustLine Program Manager

Shirley Perez

Data Analyst, My Child Care Plan

Carolina Castillo Quintero

Manager, Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP)

Natalie Rivera

Research & Policy Associate

Oscar Tang

Web Content Manager, My Child Care Plan

Claudia Vilchez

Administrative Associate/TrustLine Program Associate

Alma Villa

TrustLine Program Assistant

Janelle Wong

TrustLine Program Assistant

Janessa Valino

Customer Success Coordinator, My Child Care Plan

Lilydahn Stewart

Policy & Advocacy Associate

Ren M.

Program Assistant

Rachel Cook

Program Associate

Annette Gomez

Program Assistant

Stephany Delaney

Family, Friend & Neighbor Project Coordinator