Playing, learning, and growing together

License-exempt caregivers (also referred to as in-home, informal, or family, friend and neighbor caregivers) are an essential piece of the child care landscape. This is why we’ve partnered with Child Care Resources in Washington to pilot their evidence-informed program Kaleidoscope Play & Learn in California.

Through weekly play groups coordinated by local resource and referral agencies, children have fun participating in activities and being around their peers while family, friend and neighbor caregivers learn about:

  • Activities they can do at home to support children's learning
  • Turning everyday activities- such grocery shopping, cooking and bath time- into early learning opportunities
  • Child development from birth to five
  • Skills children are expected to have by kindergarten
  • Community programs and services available to help them raise healthy children

Playgroups and Resource & Referral in California

Kaleidoscope Fact Sheet

Kaleidoscope Evaluation

What are in-home or family, friend and neighbor caregivers?

These are caregivers that are relatives of the children in their care, or care for the children of only one family other than their own. In California, these providers do not need to be licensed, which is why they’re also referred to as license-exempt providers.