2024 Legislation to Watch

The deadline to introduce new legislation is February 16, 2024. Please return to this page periodically for updated information.

2-Year Bills Still in Play (2023-2024 Session)
What’s a 2 year bill?
  • The California Legislature convenes in biennial sessions (2 years long).
  • Bills may be introduced in either year. (odd # year - even # year; the current session is 2023-2024)
  • A bill introduced in the first year can be carried over to the second year.
  • It must pass in the house of origin by 1/31 of the second year.

2023 Legislative Highlights

Successful Legislation

  • AB 110 - Early childcare and education.
    • Authorizes temporary rate increases for childcare providers and contractors.
    • Extends the prohibition on collecting family fees through September 30, 2023, and allocates previously appropriated federal funds for childcare access expansion and family fee waivers in the 2023–24 fiscal year.
    • Signed by Governor on 5/15/2023.
  • AB 590 (Hart) - Advance Payments for State Grants & Nonprofits
    • Authorizes nonprofits to get upfront funds, removing the burden of covering significant expenses until reimbursed or having to take out high interest loans to get new programs going.

Stalled Legislation

  • AB 51 (Bonta) - Early childcare and education.
    • Would expand R&R services to include navigation and referral services for preschool and TK programs.
    • 9/13/23: Ordered to inactive file at the request of Senator Ashby.
    • For most recent status and language, click here.
  • AB 1038 (Rendon) - Family childcare home education networks.
    • Would codify standards and best practices for FCCHEN contractors and providers.
    • 9/12/23: Ordered to inactive file at the request of Senator Dahle.
    • For most recent status and language, click here.
  • SB 533 (Limón) - Income taxes: credit: childcare.
    • Would create a tax credit of as much as $30,000 for the start-up costs of childcare programs or centers primarily for the taxpayer's employees.
    • 1/18/24: Did not clear suspense file.
  • SB 767 (Rubio) Elementary education: kindergarten.
    • Would require public school students to finish one year of kindergarten before entering first grade.
    • 1/18/24: Did not clear suspense file.

(last updated 1/25/2024)