March 19, 2021

Statement Condemning the Violence on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

The CCCRRN condemns the violence and racism directed towards Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), especially during the past year when hurtful language such as calling Covid-19 the “China flu” encouraged and unleashed xenophobia, hate, blame, and violence across this country.

We stand in support with, and send our love and care to the AAPI child care providers, families, and communities who are experiencing real fear of attack. Everyone has a responsibility to stop the hate, blame, and vicious attacks NOW! Violence directed at AAPI people is not new, and not only propagates racism against AAPI people, but has economic consequences for whole communities. From the brutal attacks against Chinese people who were brought to America and risked their lives to create our railroad system and the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, to avenues created to discriminate against AAPI communities through immigration laws such as the Chinese Exclusion Act, limitations of the 5th Preference, and ongoing propagation of the Asian Model Minority Myth, these actions promote a context for the despise of people of Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry.

Last year’s racist depiction and association with the pandemic is nothing short of the same historic hate mongering. The Network has always advocated for unity of people, especially toward our common interest of raising and supporting the children of our state. Through our advocacy in support of our youngest children, particularly from the most disenfranchised families and communities, we have taken an active stance to heal the pain inflicted upon people suffering from lack of resources.

Racism cultivated by deliberate misinformation, whether it is towards AAPI, Black, Latinx, or Indigenous peoples, becomes a convenient weapon to deflect anger and blame, and further targets victims by aggravating economic hardship.

Advocating for child care support, especially for those that need it most, brings dignity and value to all people. Just as we do not want children growing up feeling unwelcome and unsafe in our child care settings, the child care community needs to take a stand and be a willing partner to unite within and across communities, races, cultures, income levels, and geographies to condemn the hatred and violence towards the AAPI community, especially at this time when outright racist verbiage in this country has been used to blame this pandemic on Asian Americans.

Fighting racism and inequality in all its forms, and preventing it from festering or growing, is something we all must do. It includes addressing structural racism, the root causes of violence, and inequalities in opportunity, housing, and employment, as well as strengthening community resources.

It also includes a massive expansion of education at every level, that recognizes the histories, contributions, and suffering of all people of color, who have been a part of building our great state and our country.

It means taking a strong stand against anti-Black racism and rectifying centuries of attack on Black people and Black communities.

Hope is about standing strong and together for what is in the best interest of all of us. Let us not let the ugliness of racism, xenophobia, and hate drive us apart.

Linda Asato,
Executive Director

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