November 18, 2017

SF Chronicle spotlight on TrustLine

The SF Chronicle published an article featuring Elizabeth Phillips and her role in inspiring the creation of TrustLine back in 1987.

"Parents around California owe Phillips and her mother, Mary Beth Phillips, a huge debt of gratitude. It was because of how they responded to the worst day of their lives — the day baby Elizabeth was violently shaken by a nanny and permanently blinded — that parents have a way of safeguarding against a similar fate befalling their children.

It’s called TrustLine, a registry of child care workers who have passed a state background check, and it’s prevented 18 percent of applicants from joining because of criminal or child abuse histories. Last month, the registry turned 30, and Elizabeth Phillips addressed a crowd of several hundred at an anniversary celebration in Sacramento."

Read the full article here

To hear more from Elizabeth, watch her speech at the Network/CAPPA Joint Annual Conference in 2017: