January 26, 2023

Raising children in a time of violence

In a time when our Asian American communities are celebrating Lunar New Year, our nation once again faces tragedy inflicted in the past few weeks due to gun violence. There have been three devastating shootings in California, including the tragic Lunar New Year’s Eve shooting in Monterey Park. Our heart breaks for those impacted by these shootings and it’s hard not to ask – how do we speak to our children about violence? How do we prevent these disasters? And who do we look to in addressing these problems?

It is unfair and unconscionable that families and providers are forced to incorporate into their care how children may feel safe from the fear of gun violence. It is unfair to our children affected by the toxic stress of fear and uncertainty. Learning to live with gun violence is not the answer. Pushing politicians to confront the staggering number of gun deaths is the answer. We do not want a world where gun violence is something our children see as a normal occurrence in society. We do not want our communities living in fear of random acts of harm.

2023 must be the year that we use our voice and our power to prevent gun violence, provide mental health support at the earliest ages, and protect the future that lies ahead for our children.

In solidarity,

Linda Asato