Guidance for filling out the R&R staff survey

January 2022


This R&R staff survey is intended to better understand our workforce and our workforce needs. We hope to aggregate this information across the state, which will give us a good census of the staff working in our field. We would like every staff member associated with the R&R program in your organization (trainers, referral staff, database, directors, executive and/or deputy director, support staff, etc.) to complete the survey. It is possible for the HR department to complete this for each staff member, if you have each individual’s information available to enter a separate entry for each person. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to enter in for groups of people. Click here if you want to see a PDF of the questions in advance of completing the survey.

We would like your staff to complete this survey by the end of February. We can share the aggregated results at the upcoming semiannual meeting. Individual responses will remain confidential (ex. an agency can request their aggregate staff information so a specific individual response is not known).

Guidance for answering the questions:

  1. Please type in the name of your agency
  2. Use the drop-down to indicate the county where you are located to deliver services. For example if your agency operates in two different counties, please indicate where you spend most of your working time or the location of your target audience as an R&R staff.
  3. Please indicate the total number of years that you have worked at the agency regardless of which position you have held.
  4. Please indicate the title of your current position. If you think there is a more commonly understood title for the work you do, feel free to use that if that might help us in reviewing positions. For example, child care specialist might be similar to a R&R counselor or your title might be Early Childhood Consultant within your organization and your duties are like an R&R counselor at another agency. Please use R&R counselor as it will be easier to understand.
  5. Self-explanatory
  6. Please indicate the total for any type of training (staff development, or professional development offered by the agency. This is for any R&R funded position. Note: the next question is more specific for trainers)
  7. For staff who provide training for providers and parents (any kind of training regardless of audience position, such as center teacher or FCC owner, or level of training) – Please indicate how many hours of training your R&R Agency supports you (e.g. in-service training from your agency or from outside agencies (conferences/workshops, coaching, higher education courses), on an annual basis? (Please do not include training offered by the Network). If you do not train others, please skip this question or enter NA.
  8. This is meant for HR staff or administrative staff. This can be a qualitative answer and does not have to be numeric. For example, you might say on retention that the average length of staff in your agency is over 10 years. Or you might say on average vacancies for R&R positions take about three months to hire. You might also comment on any particular incentives for retention that might be helpful to explain longevity. If you’re not in a position to answer this question, please skip it or enter NA.
  9. Self-explanatory
  10. Self-explanatory. If you know your local number, or the name of your union please indicate.
  11. Self-explanatory – not this is about your current position/or area of work. (ex. in R&R services)
  12. This is up to you to indicate.
  13. Open-ended
  14. Self-explanatory. This is gross annual salary and not total compensation that includes the value of benefits you might receive.
  15. Self-explanatory
  16. Are you paid on an hourly basis or on salary
  17. Self-explanatory (as you’d define being in the field).
  18. This can be answered in units (post-secondary or CEUs) or postsecondary degree, and/or the number of courses, or certifications in child and/or human development that you have taken. Don’t include trainings such as CCIP or TIC training hours. It can also include licenses/credentials/trainer certificates in specific training areas? (e.g., CPR/First Aid instructor, PITC trainer, Registered Dietician, CPA, Certified CLASS trainer)
  19. What was your major for the highest level of education that you have completed. You can describe -- Ex. GED or HS diploma, less than High School, some post-secondary credits but no degree, AA, etc. If it is from a foreign institution, if you can describe the best equivalency in the US
  20. If you have an associate’s degree or higher, please enter the subject of your highest degree obtained. Otherwise, please select N/A.
  21. self-explanatory
  22. self-explanatory
  23. self-explanatory
  24. self-explanatory
  25. self-explanatory
  26. self-explanatory
  27. self-explanatory
  28. self-explanatory
  29. self-explanatory

Four HR staff, if you are willing to share benefit information with the network we would appreciate it. For example health and medical benefits (for the individual employee, for family members, covered fully or partially), retirement benefits for example percentage of salary and when does one vest, time off benefits (PTO or sick and vacation, sabbatical, # of paid holidays). Education scholarships, child care, education attainment bonus, etc.