R&R Advocacy Week is here!

In 2024, we've planned a special advocacy week: Network members across the state are inviting state (and local) representatives to visit their local R&Rs during the state legislative recess (3/21-3/29) and throughout April. This is a great opportunity to build relationships and showcase your impact on the community you serve.

To participate in R&R Advocacy Week 2024, here is the step-by-step process:


1. Sign up here to receive Advocacy Week information.

2. If you missed R&R Advocacy Week launch call, watch the video clip.

3. Send invitations to your state legislators.

Here's a template to get you started:


Dear [insert legislator’s name here - ex: “Assemblyperson Ortega,” “Senator Menjivar”]

-Introduce yourself and your agency. Say a bit about what you do to serve the community (i.e., the legislators’ constituents). ----Make it clear that you are located within their district.
-Tell them you would like to speak with them about child care access and affordability, and the importance of your R&R in serving constituents in their district.
-Invite them to come visit your R&R (ask their availability OR offer a few possible days/times to select from).

Thank you in advance for supporting child care access and affordability.

[R&R Coordinator Name & Phone Number]


4. Prepare for your meeting (here's a guide to help you and talking points will be distributed at the 3/19 kickoff).

5. Add the scheduled date and time to our Statewide Advocacy Week Appointment Tracker or forward the confirmation email to lstewart@rrnetwork.org.


1. Join 3/15 drop in office hours from 11am-12pm to ask last-minute questions or get ideas from other R&Rs.

2. Follow up with confirmed legislator(s). Include key details, such as day/time/address.

3. Get your materials ready, including RRIP report copies, business cards and brochures, and your cheat sheet of talking points.

-Talking points will be distributed electronically at the 3/19 kickoff and training held from 10am-12pm and by email to the designated R&R Week Coordinator.

-View/Download the California RRIP reports here.


1. Meet with your legislator(s). Provide them with the RRIP report copies. Deliver your talking points verbally.

2. Post on social media (tag the legislator(s) & the Network).


1. Fill out the post-meeting survey, telling us about your experience.

2. Send a thank-you note to the legislator(s).

3. Send photos/videos to Terah Hagy at thagy@rrnetwork.org

4. Send out a press release (template found here)


Logistics, talking points, or all things advocacy/policy: lstewart@rrnetwork.org or mmahajan@rrnetwork.org

Communications / social media: thagy@rrnetwork.org

R&R Impact Project reports: gdimatteo@rrnetwork.org or nrivera@rrnetwork.org


Appointment Tracker

How to Host a Legislator

CA Impact Report

Where to send Photos: thagy@rrnetwork.org