Mariela’s Music Time

Week One (Episodes 1 & 2)

Hábitos Saludables - Healthy Habits

· Lavado de manos-Washing Hands

· Covering Up when we cough/sneeze

· Other healthy habits like Brushing Teeth, Taking Baths/Showers, Cleaning Up

· Kids Can Help Clean-Niños pueden ayudar en casa

Week Two (Episode 3 & 4)

Managing Emotions-Navegando Emociones

· Big feelings/Small feelings (Happy, Sad, Angry, Scared, etc)

· Self Hugs

· Happy Dance (If you're happy and you know it…)

· Feelings faces

Week Three (Episode 5 & 6)

We will learn all about yummy, healthy foods

· Keeping our bodies strong

· Eating every color of the rainbow

· All the ways that food can be fun!

Week Four (Episode 7 & 8)

Music and Play Time!

· Let's learn all about families!

· Bilingual songs and dances!

Week Four (Episode 9 & 10)

Music and Play Time!

· Fun songs and dancing!

· Exploring our brain connections during play!