Research & Policy Associate

The Research Department leads a range of quantitative and qualitative research projects on various child care issues. These include our own data collection and analysis, such as the Data Standardization Project and the California Child Care Portfolio, a county-by-county and statewide report on child care supply, demand, and costs related to local and statewide demographics. This report assists national, state, and local policymakers, business leaders, health care professionals, educators, planning agencies, and child care advocacy organizations to address the child care needs of families in California. This also includes the R&R Impact Project, which documents the impact local R&Rs have in their communities.

Additionally, the Research Department periodically conducts surveys and interviews of child care providers and parents for various projects and initiatives, and writes issue briefs or analyzes data on topics such as utilization of child care subsidies across California, or trends in the training and licensing of the family child care supply. The Research Department also conducts data collection trainings and convenes member committees and workgroups related to research and data efforts.

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